Annual Dinner and Prize giving Friday 6th December 2013

After the success of last year we are delighted to be returning to the Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow on Friday 6 December 2013 for our annual dinner and prize giving.  We look forward to catching up with you all. Please invite your family and lots of friends.  The evening will commence with a drinks reception at 7:30pm.  

This year we are honoured to have Simon Crawford as guest speaker. He and his wife Pamela are club members although they now live in Southampton and sail on the south coast. He is a consultant in gynaecology and gynaecological oncology at Southampton University Hospitals.

Tickets are £45 each, which includes a delicious dinner and a glass of fizz beforehand.  Those of you who attended last year will remember that the private bar for the dinner does not have card facilities so please bring cash.  We will also be running a raffle for the Mercy Ships charity.

The booking form for the Annual Dinner went out with the Newsletter but if you missed the newsletter and need a copy please email or phone Roisin (mrsharris) at the address below.

As well as our prizes for racing there are separate competitions for the best photograph and the best log.  The theme for the photos is ' a good days sailing' and this will be judged on the evening.  The best log will be judged by the Committee.  Please send your entries to mrsrharrisATgmailDOTcom or to Roisin Harris at 23 Baronald Drive, Glasgow, G12 0JA by 30 November 2013. 

Please remember this is a fully accessible venue.  If you have any queries regarding access please contact Roisin Harris on 07732018204.

 Provisional Programme 2014
January – racing meeting - tba

AGM 10th Feb

Feb Curling Match - tba
March – Meeting to revisit the Sailing Instructions

17/18th May - Opening Muster - Tarbert

14th/15th June - Portavadie Pursuit Race and muster

19th/20th July Craobh/ Round Shuna Race and Muster

6th/7th September - Autumn Muster - Rothesay

18th October - Frostbite Race


Frostbite Race 26th October 2013

Seamus Lalor of Emma Louise contributes this report: 

With winds rising to Force 6, five intrepid yachts took part in a fast moving race around Cumbrae. Camus Bosta took up position as Committee Vessel and the race started with Troikka, Aquaholic and Emma Louise tight on the line on a starboard tack. Troikka started to leeward of Aquaholic until both tacked on to port, close to shore thereby allowing Troikka to get clear to windward and set the pace while Emma Louise, well to leeward was able to tack onto port and into clean air. Meanwhile, Out of the Blue was ambling down the channel from Kip post a leisurely breakfast fry up as Stewart thought the clocks had already gone back by one hour - arriving a tad late on the line just as Camus Bosta was starting!

In Class 1, Aquaholic got into the groove on the beat to Farland Point hot on the heels of Troikka while in Class 3 Camus Bosta was in pursuit of Class 3 Emma Louise and OOTB was making a valiant effort to close the gap. Troikka and Aquaholic set spinnakers at the Tan Spit Buoy but by the time they reached the top of Cumbrae, Aquaholic decided to make life more interesting by broaching spectacularly in order to give Charles, Anne and crew on Troikka a 'sporting chance'. Alas, this was to no avail and Aquaholic crossed the finish line less than a minute ahead of Troikka on corrected time. With the wind rising, Camus Bosta continued to make ground on Emma Louise and both simultaneously tacked over the finish line, but with Camus Bosta the clear winner on corrected time. 

 OOTB finished shortly thereafter having made up considerable ground.

Events were however to take an even more interesting turn. Troikka suffered engine failure in the Kip entry channel* and OOTB arrived in time to take the embarrassing photo of them under tow. However with all the excitement over and and safely tied up in the now driving rain, the Troikka crew gatecrashed OOTB where the Commodore kindly ‘spliced the mainbrace’ in characteristic generous style. 

 Meanwhile Emma Louise headed back towards Ardrossan in rough seas and wind gusting Force 7. After 3 hours motoring into a southerly, all were glad to surf into Ardrossan Harbour (as you do down there) in a darkening sky and the previously mentioned driving rain. Just as Emma Louise entered the inner harbour the Marina security shouted, "Is there anyone else out there" (clearly not – they were all sensibly in the pub) and immediately proceeded to close the storm gates! It was a blast of a day to end the season.

*subsequently it was found that the diesel tap had somehow been turned off


Autumn Muster 7th September

It's been a long wait but Stewart Toy has finally produced a report:

The day dawned. Shafts of light peeked through the curtains. The dulcet tones of the Commodore drifted mistily through the snug and safe place I was in---Get Up –you know we are the start boat!
Kip beckoned; the tension of the start line had both of us on edge.  What if we had to recall a mischievous participant sneaking over the line too early, what if we had to recall the entire fleet—was there a hint of panic in the air? If there was then that was the only thing in the air, as there was hardly any wind for a nail biting, boat-banging drift for the line. The forecast North 5 – 7, did not materialise but fortunately did fill in a bit, later in the race.
Camus Bosta had perfect start although they themselves couldn’t believe it and sought verbal reassurance that they had not inadvertently crossed the line before the gun/hooter. Close on their tail was Aquaholic followed by Exody with Pondskater, back from the Med, completing the fleet.

A thrilling start from Kip
Course 1 had been chosen to take the fleet around Cumbrae and back up into Rothesay Bay. Aquaholic, in his normal manner, pressed into the lead which he held till the end. So impressive was Tom’s lead that binoculars were used from the committee boat to ensure there was no hint of water dribbling from his exhaust.
A sight seen just north of the Largs Channel was hard to believe. A committee member renowned for his cutting racing prowess appeared to be cruising in what looked like a conservatory! Smiling from ear to ear, Marie by his side, he was caught cruising Emma Louise with his mainsail stowed and a pristine cockpit canopy fully erected. Should there be a fine – I ask?

Emma Louise with conservatory erected - and Pondskater
The wind filled in and then disappeared, the sun shone for a bit (I’ll not mention the r—n) but all crews appeared to enjoy the race, culminating with aperitifs on the Commodore’s boat prior to dinner. We were joined by Kelpie D, then Bertie the bus shuttled the party to Mount Stuart Visitor Centre for a sumptuous meal. With the help of Tom Hutchison the results were calculated. 
In Class 2, Aquaholic took 1st place with Exody second and in Class 3, Camus Bosna won followed by Pondskater.
Out of the Blue was noticeable by its absence in the results but felt that, this year, by cruising , they had given the rest of the fleet a fighting chance of winning. 

Dinner at Mount Stuart
Sunday welcomed the fleet of five with a lovely Force 3 – 4 for the start of the Pursuit Race. Everybody watched the clock, though confusion reigned as they positioned themselves for the start across a new starting line. 

Aquaholic, Pondskater and Camus Bosta, the first three finishers prepare to start.(you can click on these photos by Seamus for a bigger view)
Exody prepares to start off Rothesay. No prizes but certainly the best looking boat

Out Of The Blue gets going
No cheating was reported. Sun and wind, with a broad, close and sometimes very close reach, saw the fleet make record times back to Kip. Camus Bosna crossed the finish line first with pursuing Aquaholic second and Pondskater third.
Well done everybody.         photos by Stewart Toy and Seamus Lalor


News September

Autumn muster Rothesay 7/8 September
This year’s Autumn Muster is from Kip to Rothesay with a pursuit race back to Kip on the Sunday. We have once again organised a special three course Dinner at the stunning Mount Stuart Visitor Centre.  The cost will be £30 per person, which includes the meal and the bus there and back.  The bus will leave from Rothesay Pier at 7.30 p.m.  If you require a children’s menu, can you specify that on the form and we will organise it with Mount Stuart. Completed entry forms to be returned to Paul Harris by the 31 August.  Race instructions are attached to this newsletter.

Frostbite Race around Cumbrae 26 October
This will take place from Largs and will be a race round Greater Cumbrae. This year’s socialising will be left up to the participants on the day. Race instructions are enclosed with this newsletter

Annual Dinner and Prize giving - Friday 6th December
After the success of last year we are delighted to be returning to the Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow on Friday 6 December 2013.  More details will follow in the next newsletter, in the meantime keep the date free and invite lots of friends. 

Returning Cups
If you were successful last year and collected a cup it is now time to return it so we can check them and have them engraved for the prize giving . We would be very grateful if you can polish your cup please and then return it to Seamus Lalor (10 Arranview Gardens, Seamill, Ayrshire, KA23 9NR) or any Committee Member by 15 October 2013.  Seamus will be at the Autumn Muster so you can pass your cups over then. 


Craobh Muster and Shuna Race

The magnificent weather held for the annual Craobh gathering and the photo shows generations of Serpents in the evening sunshine and with an unmistakable boatyard backdrop.  

The absence of a band did not seem to dampen spirits and Steve Pickles and his team delivered their usual high standard of barbequeing with no apparent dangers.

I don't think it's known as a regular Serpent activity but the weather was such that some of the BBQ team opted to cool off even before the fire was lit.

 Despite there being no band, Stewart Toy provided recorded music and dancing continued until late although the present writer, having been designated Race Office for the next day, retired to his bunk. Similar sunshine and light fickle breezes were once again the feature of Sunday morning. Out of The Blue with a crowd of novices on board appeared late from the marina and took what they regarded as a cautious start although there was suspicion that fishing was their priority. Here the Troikka sheep mascot gives a knowing leer as OOTB goes past with the appearance of no hand on the wheel.

On Troikka we were quite pleased to be able to offer both flag and sound signals then gybe round and cross second boat over the line. Alas the sub 10kt breeze did not suit Camus Bosta but at least they were not fishing intentionally.
It was an easy fetch to the South end of Shuna and Troikka had to work quite hard to fend off Ataraxia.

Although the southbound leg was a very pleasant sail, at least for those of us who were not hopelessly undercanvassed, the wind began to fail as the front runners reached the downwind turning island. It became apparent that the slower boats were becoming becalmed and the course was then shortened at the north end of Shuna. Unfortunately, by this time the wind had failed altogether and there was at least a 30 minute delay before Ataraxia drifted over the line. Camus Bosta exhibited one of the disadvantages of having two rudders by hooking a lobster pot line on one of them but despite this delay managed to beat OOTB by 30 secs on corrected time. As far as the preliminary calculations go, and assuming Troikka is a legitimate finisher the placings are 1. Troikka, 2. Ataraxia, 3 Camus Bosta, 4. Out of the Blue.  The times however will be passed on to the Club Race Secretary for the proper calculations to be made using checked handicap figures.
Once all had finished, Troikka rafted on to Ataraxia, anchored in the middle of the Shuna Sound, to join in their lavish lunch activities. Serpent days out do not get much better.

As a footnote, much missed were the cheery figures of Iain and Pamela Sinclair who as Craobh berthholders were always a sure presence and usual high scorers in the race. It transpires however that their boat 'Black Pepper' has been left to Don Gillies and should he continue to turn it out in Serpent events as we hope he will, there could be no better tribute. 


Croabh Muster and Shuna Race

The annual muster at Croabh Marina followed by the Round Shuna race is on Sat 20th/Sun 21st July.  With club masterchef Steve Pickles at the barbeque, ably assisted by Susan, the standard of catering is high and a convial evening in and around the Croabh boatshed is expected. For catering numbers please let Steve know by 12th July if you intend to come.  (07981443362  steveDOTpicklesATbtinternetDOTcom)

There will undoubtedly be spaces on various yachts so if your boat is still on the Clyde and you would like a weekend in Argyll, get in touch and come and make up the numbers. Hopefully the weather for the Shuna race will be back to normal form and not like it was last year.   

Iain Sinclair

The club mourns the unexpected and untimely loss of Iain Sinclair, a much loved member and former Commodore.  His final illness was disclosed only a few weeks before his death - he had just been to Switzerland to visit his sister for his 70th birthday -and comes only a year after the loss of his dear wife Pamela, also a true friend of the Club.  It was said that his only complaint was that he had hoped that he might have a little longer.  Those who met him only through the club would recognise him as a welcoming, kindly and thoughtful man with a keen sense of fun. He was also a telented artist and had numerous other interests besides.  He was a first class Commodore and his wise advice continued to be valued by the present Committee. He will be greatly missed.

Portavadie Pursuit Race and Muster

Out of the Blue, Camus Bosta and Exody all turned up expectantly to take part in the club's pursuit race to Colintraive. 

Off Kip it was blowing  27+knots and on Out of the Blue it became apparent that with the skipper recovering from a hernia operation and not being able to winch or steer, his crew of Catherine, Margaret and Lilias were a little light weight to control her in the gusts. So OOTB duly retired and headed back to Kip leaving Camus Bosta and Exody competing for honours. 

On Exody  with a  crew of 5,  including founder member Sheila Jennet, two 50 something lady day skippers and a 20 something dinghy sailor, the conditions were such that they also had trouble reefing down and a late start followed by two gear mishaps, (a bucket jammed in the genoa sheet turning block and the topping lift fouling on the new backstay insulators, then getting itself fully entwined in the wind generator) led them to put the engine on and retire while they sorted things out .  

Meanwhile on Camus Bosta Neil, Chris Garrigan and Don Gillies sailed on unaware of the carnage behind them and as the only boat to complete the race they were declared the winners.

Once inside the marina at Kip and after an empire biscuit or two the crew of OOTB rallied and as the wind had dropped, took heart and headed out to try again and under slightly better wind conditions,  managed to motor to Portavadie. 

Seamus  and Nick on Emma Louise had intended cruising up from Ardrossan but couldn't get out of the marina due to the high winds.  However they eventually sailed in later in the afternoon when the winds had moderated. 

Despite all these mishaps, four boats arrived safely at Portavadie, fully appreciating the warm showers and the drying room and 15 sat down to a truly enjoyable meal in the restaurant.

Sunday was by contrast light winds and wall to wall sunshine which was a sunbather's delight. We all motored home and Saturday's horrible weather was quickly forgotten.

No photographs regrettably.


Spring Muster Tarbert Race

Eight yachts gathered on the start line off Kip for the SYC opening event of 2013. The breeze was desperately light but with a forecast of heavy northwesterlies later in the day the decision was made to go for the shorter course through the Kyles.  Aquaholic and Troikka found a little band of breeze near the pin and scooted off on the button while the rest meandered about failing to find any drive and were eventually shoved back by the tide. After about 20 mins sailing this was the view from behind. We could imagine the frustration of those stuck on the start line but it was faintly amusing.

 Troikka with just 2 on board and Aquaholic with a full team continued to make fairly good progress towards Toward at which point the breeze died and even Aquaholic's spinnaker failed to offer much advantage.

An appeal for mercy from Troikka resulted in the race being shortened at the Ardmaleish buoy - a good decision by the Commodore/Race Officer on Out of the Blue as otherwise the slower boats would hardly have made it to Tarbert in time for dinner.  Aquaholic finished first and Troikka drifted over the line with the tide a few minutes later. Eventually, after a bit of motoring, the forecast wind did fill in and the fleet enjoyed a brisk beat up Loch Fyne. There was limited time for socialising on the pontoon but all convened in the Starfish restaurant for a convivial dinner at which time the results were read out.

 One of the remarkable features of the Serpent Yacht Club is the abundance of trophies - it means you have to sail really quite badly to avoid being saddled with tinware. Alas only the retirees have escaped pot-free.

Class 1 (spinnaker) - 1. Aquaholic
                                 2. Spirit
Class 2                   - 1. Troikka
                                 Out of the Blue - retired due to being Committee boat also
Class 3                    -1. Kelpie D
                                 2. Emma Louise
                                 Camus Bosta - retired

The Ladies Race is perhaps the most fiercely contested event of the Serpent race programme and an intense bidding war breaks out during the dinner as all-male crews attempt to lure a Lady from some boat in which there is a surfeit of females. This was concluded successfully with the result that 8 yachts, helmed by ladies, appeared on the start line on Sunday morning for the white sails-only race to Kames with Martin Yule in Pondskater kindly agreeing to do committee boat duty.  With around 10 kts of breeze filling in from the south this was perhaps the most  intense start to a Serpent race for some time.  Once again Troikka and Aquaholic headed off the line into clear air but not before Marcus Stone as tactician on Emma Louise had Margaret Hamilton execute a nifty port approach and a daring tack close under Troikka's bow.  Alas once more the breeze failed, exactly as forecast, and those up in front were soon caught up by the back markers.  Being carried on the tide rather too close to the Ardlamont shore, Troikka, with the reluctant agreement of the skipper, retired and a few minutes later sufficient zephyr appeared to allow the rest to creep over to the finish line set off the Ardlamont buoy.  Aquaholic's lead was then to no avail under handicap and first place was taken by Ailsa Tyler on Spirit, the Sadler 32 of new member Crispin Best.  Results below. A good weekend all in and the hope is for a bit more wind for the Portavadie weekend on 15/16th June.      

1. Spirit - Ailsa Tyler
2. Aquaholic - Lilias Tennant
3. Emma Louise - Margaret Hamilton
4. Exody-  Marian Jennett
5. Out Of The Blue - Catherine Toy
6. Camus Bosta - Gill Robertson
7. Kelpie D - Pamela Yule
Retd - Troikka


AGM Hijacked by Pregnant Sheep

The 2013 Serpent YC AGM took place on Tues 12th February in a new venue, a seminar room of the City of Glasgow College, thanks to Peter Jennett who works there. Regrettably, the Commodore was unable to attend, being otherwise occupied with obstetric duties with one of her prize ewes which was about to deliver highly valuable triplets.  In her shoes, but not her underwear, as he was careful to emphasise, was Stuart Toy who conducted the meeting without obvious mishap.  And here are the said lambs.

According to standard practice, after the usual formalities, the commodore substitute presented a review of the year's activities which in general had been fairly successful.  There was a distinct lack of photographs from the events so members are reminded to get their cameras out, not just for the annual review but for the newletters and this blog.  The appointment of the existing committee members was approved but with the standing down of Alan McLeod, there is a place for another steward.
Thanks to Iain Sinclair's fancy financial footwork the Treasurer was able to present accounts which balanced perfectly and we are grateful to Iain for taking on the auditor's job once again. There was discussion about the raising of the membership fee from its present almost negligible level.  Iain Sinclair pointed out that such a change might lead to the standing orders of a number of now inactive members falling into abeyance and asked if that had that been calculated.  Any increase should be of a sufficient level to compensate for that and the chairman agreed that this would be reviewed by the Committee. There was a certain amount of discussion following Tom Hutchinson's proposal that the Club should consider following the CCC's action in converting to a limited company to protect the members from exposure to the effects of legal action against the club. Whilst this was considered a somewhat unlikely eventuality, it was agreed that the Committee should investigate this and report back.  Tom also noted some potential clashes in the sailing programme with with other  Clyde events and it was agreed that the sailing calendar would be reviewed. Marcus Stone, an experienced sailor who works in Medical Physics and who joined on the night was welcomed to the club and with that the floor was handed over to Steve Pickles, who, assisted by his wife Susan and crewman Trevor, gave a most interesting illustrated account of their ARC trip in 2011 on board a 20m Tarbert built classic yawl. 

Clearly no hardships were endured and there was undoubtedly no risk whatever of any dietary deficiencies. Seamanlike chores included loading the washing machine and hoovering the tartan carpet.

The meeting closed in good spirits and we look forward to the coming season and some good sailing.


A Message from the Commodore   (newsletter Jan-Feb 2013)
Happy New Year
I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.
The last time we were together was for the Annual Dinner and Prize Giving at the Bythswood Hotel, a very enjoyable dinner, where we raised the healthy sum of £745 for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland.
Our next event is the AGM which has been arranged for Tuesday 12th Feb in Seminar Room B, City of Glasgow College, 60 North Hanover Street, Glasgow (formerly the College of Building and Printing)
Steve Pickles, one of our club member is going to talk about his experience of taking part in the ARC (the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), so I hope you will all manage to come. Tea and Biscuits will be provided.
I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM and wish you all the best for 2013.
Catherine Toy

Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 12 February 2013
Our next event is the AGM on Tuesday 12th February 2013. We are using a new city centre venue, close to Queen Street Station. The AGM will be held in City of Glasgow College, Glasgow (formerly the College of Building and Printing). If you are interested in becoming involved in running the club's please speak to Catherine Toy before the AGM.

Tea and Biscuits will be served from 7pm with the AGM starting at 7.30pm and finishing before 9pm.
Steve Pickles, one of our club members (master of the summer barbeque) is going to talk about his experience of taking part in the ARC (the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) after the formal business.
We hope to see you there - if you are unable to attend please submit apologies to Roisin Harris - mrsrharris1@gmail.com - 07732018204.

Seminar Room B - on the First Floor
City of Glasgow College
City Campus North Hanover Street (formerly College of Building &Printing)
60 North Hanover Street
Glasgow, G1 2BP

The Tower building is just across the road from the east side entrance to Queen Street station. Nearest public parking - Buchanan Galleries

The programme for 2013 is as follows:

Annual General Meeting Tuesday 12 February 2013
Spring Muster 18th/19th May 2013 - Race Kip to Tarbert
Pursuit Race 15th/16th June 2013 – Race / Cruise to Portavadie
Summer Muster 20th/21st July 2013 - Craobh BBQ & Round Shuna Race
Autumn Muster 7th/8th September 2013 – Race / Cruise to Rothesay
Frostbite Race Saturday 26th 2013 October - Race Round Cumbrae
Annual Dinner Friday 6th December 2013 - Blythswood Square Hotel

Start Boats
We would like to thank all the members who agreed to start races during 2012, we simply could not have run the events without you. We will be seeking volunteers to start races 2013. Full instructions and training will be provided if you have never done this before. If you are also participating in the races you will receive an appropriate time correction. Please speak to Paul Harris - 07732111410 if you are interested.
New members
Roisin Harris is delighted to report that she recently sent out a few membership application forms. Prof Neil Spurway (our speaker at the annual dinner) and his wife have recently submitted an application and we look forward to welcoming them to the club. The Committee is keen to increase club membership and to also encourage all members to participate in the various events throughout the year. If you know anyone who would like to join the Club please contact Roisin - mrsrharris1@gmail.com 07732018204.
Member's cruising
A reminder that you are welcome to email in some of your cruising photos for inclusion on the Serpent blog. (please downsize them for emailing)
After the Croabh event,  Out of the Blue, Troikka and Kelpie D cruised north. As as been mentioned below, we did not enjoy the best of weather. Eventually OOTB and Troikka arrived in Plockton and you can see from the photo below that once again, the rain was not far away.

Despite having visited Rhum before, we had never toured the Castle so that, and surviving the midges made for an interesting afternoon. Stuart Toy is seen here attempting to sketch the castle as we waited for our tour.

Kinloch Castle gives a remarkable insight into how fantastically wealthy Victorian entrepreneurs could live and spend their fortunes. It is in a very fragile state of preservation and is well worth the tour while it still remains.  The portrait in the gallery is of Sir George Bullough whose project it was. You can read more about the castle here

On our way up the Sound of Mull we stopped off at the new pontoons in Lochaline where we were welcomed by the harbourmaster. OOTB and Kelpie D can be seen to the left of the image. We found it is an easy walk round to the hotel bar....

A message from the Commodore - Catherine Toy   (Aug-September newsletter)
With August coming to an end , what little summer we had is drawing to a close. Some who went sailing early will have enjoyed the fabulously warm dry weather that the west coast experienced in June and early July. It is not often that we have water restrictions on the islands or a hose pipe ban on Mull?
However, others, like ourselves, who didn’t get sailing until mid July when the jet stream moved north, experienced much wetter,  windier conditions. 

While we had great weather for the Craobh BBQ , on the following day  the Round Shuna race  was cancelled due to the Force 5-7 forecast.  However, unfazed, and with cups to be competed for, our  intrepid racers adjourned to the Lord of the Isles for a very enjoyable pub quiz. The questions were a challenging mix of sailing, medical and general knowledge,  with some cryptic catch phrases to decipher . It was  all washed down with a light refreshment and a bite of  lunch.

Results for the Alternative Pub Quiz were as follows:                 
1.       Tango Too -   Steve and Susan Pickles
2.       Kelpie D  - The Yule family
3.       Out of the Blue – the Toy family

Many thanks to Steve and Susan for the BBQ, for Tony Adgent and friends for the band and for David Toy and Robert Yule for preparing the quiz

Upcoming Events

8/9 September
Autumn Muster Rothesay      
Race / Cruise to Rothesay
27 October 
Frostbite Race  Cumbrae
Race Round Cumbrae
7 December      
Annual Dinner
Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow

 Autumn Muster - 8/9 September 2012
This year’s Autumn Muster is from Kip to Rothesay with a pursuit race back to Kip on the Sunday. As last year was such a success we have once again organised a special three course dinner at the stunning Mount Stuart Visitor Centre.  The cost will be £30.00 per person, which includes the meal and the bus there and back.  The bus will leave from Rothesay Pier at 7.30 p.m.  If you require a children’s menu, can you specify that on the form and we will organise it with Mount Stuart. Completed entry forms to be returned to Paul Harris by the 3rd September.  Race instructions are attached to this newsletter.

Frostbite Race 27 October 2012
This will take place from Largs and will be a race round Greater Cumbrae. This year’s socialising will be left up to the participants on the day. Race instructions are enclosed with this newsletter.

Annual Dinner and Prize giving - Friday 7th December 2012 - Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow
This year we have a new venue for the annual prize givingdinner.  It will be held in the Monte Carlo Suite in the Blythswood Hotel, Glasgow (formerly the RAC Club) on Friday 7th December 2012.  We are pleased that the suite and conveniences are on the same level and all fully accessible.  The Committee is very excited about the new venue and I hope you will all join us to make it a successful evening.  More details in the November newsletter
Log Competition 
Please remember the club has a Log Competition. For those of you who travelled far or even not so far this summer, entries should be forwarded to Roisin Harris, by the 31st October 2012.
Photographic Competition
The theme for the photographic competition this year is “rain or shine”. Again entries to Roisin Harris by 31st October 2012. These will be displayed and judged at the dinner. 
Returning Cups
Finally could all members who won cups last year please return them to Seamus Lalor (10 Arranview Gardens, Seamill, Ayrshire, KA23 9NR) or any Committee Member no later than Wednesday 31st  October 2012.

Pamela Sinclair 

 Members will be saddened by the death of Pamela Sinclair after a long brave fight against cancer.
Pamela was a past Commodore of the Serpent Yacht Club and was a loyal supporter and a good friend to many of us. She loved nothing better that a weekend away in Black Pepper, sharing her enjoyment of sailing with Iain and friends.  Even during her treatments,  when she wasn’t feeling great, she made a huge effort, smiled and continued to support club events.
In the last few years she has helped to establish a charity called Pancreatic Cancer Scotland. The club will be supporting it at the Annual Dinner. 
Pamela is and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts go out to Iain at this sad time