Opening Muster 2017

Saturday’s race from Kip to Tarbert proved to have a slow start with very light airs for the first hour or more. Camus Bosta unfortunately hooked a buoy around one of the rudders resulting in them being held up for some time before they could release it.

Thereafter the westerly wind picked up a tad but also brought plentiful rain. It would take more than persistent rain to dampen the spirits of the Serpent fleet as they approached Toward. Instead it took multiple mainsail sliders to fail on Katya and their game was up. They reluctantly dropped sail and retired from the field leaving only Aquaholic and Exodus in class 2. The light conditions of the day, however, favoured Aquaholic.  

Pondskater in class 3 caught up considerably on Silverjack by taking a daring line at Toward by hugging the shore and taking a short tack round the East cardinal Marker. This canny strategy looked to pay off in spades but took a knock as a hole awaited them near the moorings, which ultimately proved costly. 

It was a beat up the East Kyle in light but fairly steady airs. Just as the fleet were contemplating the daunting prospect of beating through the narrows in these light conditions, a decision was made to shorten the race at Rubha A’Bhodaich. Tom on Aquaholic, having set a remarkable pace, despite the light winds, kindly made a finish line and took the times of the fleet as they sequentially drifted over the line.

Curtailing the race saved us from a late showing at Tarbert and the boats arrived just in time for a convivial if rather chilly drinks reception at the marina and 36 sat down to an excellent dinner at the Starfish Restaurant. The racing fleet were joined by Tigerfire, Solus and Emma Louise who had cruised up to be at Tarbert. We were also pleased to be joined at dinner by John Turner and Winnie who had driven up. 

Camus Bosta fighting with a rogue buoy
Silverjack and Exody fighting for position

Aquaholic leading the fleet
Sunday was the day for the Ladies Race from Tarbert to Kames.

With the wind blowing a good 4/5 from the south the Ladies at the helm were working a lot harder than the gents on the Saturday. Katya was on the start line to witness the competitive spirit of the Lady helms on the line followed with a hard beat down to Ardlamont. On rounding the Ardlamont and the wind having eased, a more comfortable run was enjoyed to the finish line. Aquaholic, with Caroline and Linda sharing the helm, proved unbeatable but were very closely followed by Pondskater with Audrey in charge. Jane on Silverjack secured third place with Roemary on Exody and Ruth on Emma Louise following on.
Pondskater powering on

Silverjack enjoying the wind

Emma Louise, with crew stolen from Katya, fighting to the finish