Annual Dinner

The Serpent Yacht Club Annual Dinner will be held once again in the Glasgow Art Club on Saturday 1st December.  Note the date and further information will follow.


'Frostbite Race' 6th October 2018

It was certainly a chilly morning in Largs Marina for the Frostbite. All 6 entries turned out with Solus just making the line following battery issues.  

Given the conditions, Seamus as Race Officer on Emma Louise wisely opted for the simple Round Great Cumbrae course.  With no wind it was a drifting start and by 20 minutes into the race little progress had been made.   

The first leg was mainly spent catching whispers of available wind and watching some interesting tactics.   Pondskater for example was observed hiding behind Hunterston jetty, presumably executing some cunning plan - or escaping from the French Brigantine which was cruising the channel during the day looking for action.

Eventually the wind started to fill as the fleet approached Hun 9.  Aquaholic, Solus and Katya took full advantage, led the way and split the fleet in two.  With the wind rising and shifting, the fleet tacked through the Cumbraes Pass and was rewarded with a stiff reaching breeze on the west side of Cumbrae and a fast gull wing dash to the finish where care was needed to avoid mowing down the Topper dinghy racing fleet.  It was an exciting end to the race season in fine conditions - and the results on corrected time are as follows.

2 AQUAHOLIC.             2 HOURS 40 MINUTES
3 SOLUS.                        2 HOURS  44 MINUTES
6 KATYA                         2 HOURS 47 MINUTES


Autumn Muster - No rewards for the quitters

All of the preceding week it hadn't looked very good for sailing on Saturday 8th September and when the day finally arrived the predictions were confirmed. With a poor entry of only four boats racing it hardly seemed worth the bother but there was just enough of a zephyr off Kip to allow Stewart Toy on Katya to select a shortened course start, missing out the first mark.  Both Aquaholic and Troikka can manage in these conditions and both made a clean getaway towards Dunoon Bank but Camus Bosta struggled to clear Kip and Katya, 10 minutes later were hardly up to speed either.  Troikka reached Mark One first, dodging the patches of still air but finally became completely becalmed somewhere not far east of Cloch and began drifting backwards in the tide.  With mist coming down there seemed little prospect of any improvement and there was a unanimous vote on board for retiring.  The photo below shows the scene in the Holy Loch where the Polaris regatta was running with little action for the Piper classic dayboat class.
 Katya, further back needed little encouragement to follow suit but Tom and Neil are made of sterner stuff and stuck it out for several hours while the other two were safely tied up in Holy Loch marina where eventually it became apparent that the sun was coming out and a sailing breeze was developing.  Black Pepper, Sulaire and Solus cruised in and all the pontoon socialising began in earnest but it was late in the afternoon before Aquaholic and Camus Bosta finally arrived having finished the course within the time limit and of course placing a very commendable first in Classes 2 & 3 respectively.
 A convivial evening followed in the Cantina restaurant in Dunoon despite the rather disappointing food quality and there were some late nights on board back at the marina. Next morning completed  the traditional feast or famine scenario for the Polaris weekend with SW wind building to the high 20s giving quite a boisterous sail home.  Maybe pick a different weekend next year. 



Autumn Muster and Race

Don't Miss Autumn Muster and Race - Kip to Holy Loch  Sept 8/9

With evening meal in La Cantina, Dunoon.


August Barbeque at Ormidale

Our Clyde Summer barbecue on the 11th August was notable for its absence of midges and rain. It a week of generally dreich weather, Saturday proved to be dry & bright, and the crews of 7 boats made ashowing for an evening of sizzle and smoke. It was a relaxed and sociable affair making it a likely fixture again for next year.

Here is a photo of the revellers taken by Séamus Lalor. It was raining pretty convincingly when Séamus and Mike left us on the Sunday heading for Ardrosssan. Their pleasant reach lasted till
Garroch Head from whence it was 22 gusting 28 on the nose for awell reefed beat home thereafter. The forecast had never been encouraging for the Sunday so they showed considerable spirit in
joining us for the party.


Craobh bbq and Shuna race

Firstly, the bit you really want to see:

SHENAVAl.                79 MINS 30 SECONDS
AQUAHOLIC.            80 MINS  4 SECONDS
TROKKA                    82 MINS 58 SECONDS
ATARAXIA                 85 MINS 1 SECOND 
EXODY                      89 MINS 38 SECS
KATYA                       90 MINS 24 SECS
SILVERJACK             91 MINS 18 SECS

Congratulations to Douglas Gray and his crew on Shenaval (assisted by ace race helm Scott Chalmers who worked his passage helping to drive the barbeque) on a well-deserved win. Despite the persistent soaking drizzle and dreich overcast conditions there was nontheless a light 10knts-ish breeze and after a little hesitation the fleet of nine Serpent yachts gathered at the start line with Steve on Ataraxia running the proceedings.  Off the line Shenaval, Troikka and Aquaholic led the fleet and so it continued on the dead run up the west side of the island where Shenaval with poled out headsail easily overtook Troikka where they were too lazy to bother with such refinements. Most were happy to get back into the marina for lunch and an opportunity to start drying off.

The previous night was well up to the usual standard with Marcus and Jackie Stone in charge of the fire and the boatshed tidied and decorated in the accustomed fashion. The Commodore welcomed Val & Dugald Glen newly back from their WARC circumnavigation as well as other guests and with longtime members still coming along, there was every indication of a club in reasonable health. And as usual there was eventually an outbreak of dancing with the partying continuing well into the night for some hardy participants. Many thanks as ever to the Craobh marina staff for making the club so welcome.

Sunday was not much of a day for photography and no photos of the bbq are available at time of writing.  The present writer on Troikka is off cruising for a few weeks as are many others of the weekend's attendees and we are all hoping that this year's remarkable run of weather will resume and contine for a little longer.


Autumn Muster

Reminder. We'll be on the same patch too....