2023 Photo Competition

The Serpent Photo Competition 2023 has been won by Seamus Lalor with 'Contemplative Clyde Seascape.' 



Congratulations to Seamus on his dramatic image. Seamus was unable to attend the Annual Dinner to receive the Turner Prize to keep for a year but arrangements will be made.  Thanks to the voting system it was possible to pick Dugald Glen's 'Heatwave Sailing as a runner up with the entries from Peter Jennett and Don Reid 3rd equal.    

All of the images now have the name of the photographer appended.  If you wish to know how many votes your own image received it is within the realms of possibility that Graham Gillies would be more than delighted to assist.

Below are the entries for this year's contest.  The standard continues to improve and we have a record 17 submissions. All members are requested to consider all the entries which are listed anonymously (remember to click on the photo to view it properly) and send in their votes.  To add to the head scratching the voting system is more complicated than previously and you may cast one vote for up to three entries. The scores will be collated by Graham Gillies and should be emailed to him (gwagillies at gmail dot com) by 29th November so that the winner can be announced at the Annual Dinner and be awarded the coveted Turner Prize.   After that the names of all contributors will be revealed here.  You haven't long so don't delay. Start voting now!

1.  'Rackwick, Hoy'  - Jane Hinshalwood

2. 'Over the Sea To....?'   Audrey Yule



3. '2 Pots of Gold'   Mike Forbes


4.  'Heatwave Sailing'   - Dugald Glen (runner up)



5. 'Looking For Gold'   - Val Glen



6. 'Contemplative Clyde Seascape'  - Seamus Lalor  (winner)


7. 'Tarno Twilight'  - Peter Jennett  (joint 3rd)


8. 'Look To the North'   - Charles Sutherland


9. 'Arran From Ascog'  - Graham Gillies

10. 'Pot of Gold Near Tayvallich' -- Robert Yule


11. 'Washday Blues'  Anne Sutherland


12.  'Reflections'  - Mhairi Brown


13.  'Tucked Up in Tobermory' -  Norena McAdam

14. 'Going To Be Close' - Don Reid  (joint 3rd)

15. 'At least We Had June'   - Trevor Watson

 16.  'TS Tenacious passing Tighnabruaich'  - Douglas Brown

17  'Come on girl You can make it'  - Stewart Toy

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