Portavadie Race & Muster

Report by Tom Hutchison: 
 Saturday morning started with a trip out to the start line off the Island of Bute Sailing Club around 9:00 where Aquaholic was on duty to start the SYC Portavadie restricted sail class race at 10:00. The winds were light and after the Isle of Bute SC Round Bute Race start at 9:30 Aquaholic attempted to lay a start line, only to discover that the Clyde Corinthian Yacht Club were laying a line for their race starting at exactly the same time.
A cunning plan was hatched and the Serpent Yacht Club line was laid inside the Clyde Corinthian’s line. This resulted in a fairly short start line which the racers attacked with the precision of an America's Cup start. 
All yachts crossed the line cleanly and the fleet, followed by Aquaholic ten minutes later, sailed in light breezes towards the Burnt Islands.
 To describe the course as challenging was an understatement as the light winds came and went. The boats in front gained ground only to stop several time while the boats behind caught up. Camus Bosta and Kelpie D were left in areas where the wind simply disappeared and were forced to retire.
At the Burnt Islands Aquaholic and Exody managed to creep through and leave the fleet behind. Winds were looking favourable at this point, however they quickly disappeared. 

Aquaholic made the decision to finish the race off the Carry Buoy to enable the fleet to reach Portavadie where the Commodore was waiting with snacks and refreshments. Results below show Pondskater the last to finish and the winning boat.

 There is no available account of the Ladies Race but apparently it was again a drift with only four finishers and with Aquaholic the winner. . 

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