The Great Serpent Online Photo Competition with the Winner and captions

Updated 11/11/20

The photo competition is a usual addition to the Annual Dinner goings-on but with the inevitable cancellation of that this year and like so many other things we have moved it online, hopefully for this year only. Despite the limitations on sailing in the season just ended we have 6 entries which are presented unattributed to the photographers and although some have been submitted with titles those have been amended to remove clues to the location in the interests of preserving anonymity. All members are encouraged to vote for their favoured choice and to do so please email Graham Gillies with the number of your selection by Monday 9th November. The winner will be announced as soon as Graham has completed the abacus work and a presentation bottle will be forwarded.  At that time the images will be attributed properly on the website. Here they are for your careful consideration. Remember to click on the image to see it at best resolution. 

and send your choice to Graham :  gwagillies@gmail.com

 And Now -Graham has done the tally and presents the results which are presented here along with the identity of the photographers. 


Number 1.  Runner-up   'Settled Morning at Ormidale'    This tranquil image is Graham Gillies' submission depicting 'Silverjack' on her mooring.  Modesty allows him to only hint that this is runner up by a narrow margin. 

Number 2. 

This is from Tom Hutchinson. His suggested title is ' ‘Social distancing on the water  - no COVID up here'   Rather him (or whoever it is up there)  than me. Is it another go-fast tweak?  We can only guess. 


Number 3. A pretty 'Sunset on Kilchoan' by Caroline Hutchinson 


Number 4.  'Are you sure this is the way in?'  This nicely detailed and evocative shot was taken by Gavin Kenny on this year's summer cruise and depicts the approach to Tinker's Hole on (he says) a surprisingly sunny day. 


Number 5.  Winner (by a narrow margin).    Acarseid Mhor, North Rona.  This is Charles Sutherland's effort taken with his obsolete phone on an idyllic early evening at the start of the Mhojo Mhor (ex Jomora) boy's cruise this August. 

Number 6.    Seamus Lalor didn't get Emma Louise launched this year hence his boatyard photo entitled Lockdown Blues.  To me the contrasts and hard shadows are in keeping with that lockdown feeling 

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