Autumn Muster

 Weather for the Polaris Regatta weekend has long depended on a spin of the celestial coin and once again it was sunny and relatively windless rather than very windy and wet.  There were no complaints to be heard from Serpent members although there may have been some groans of frustration as yachts bobbed in the holes between patches of fickle breeze.  The Holy Loch being busy with the regatta the equally busy Port Bannatyne marina had been chosen as the destination of a short race from Kip,  one which was eventually stopped at Hun 1 after about 3 hours.

 Emma Louise after the finish heading for Port Bannatyne
Six boats took part with Tulla Mhor with a crew of four circumnavigators making a welcome reappearance from Ardfern and Tom Hutchinson in Aquaholic taking on the committee duties owing to the absence of Katya.  Graham Gillies and Jane Hishalwood in Silverjack did particularly well being ahead of Tulla Mhor for some time and while the conditions were not at all to the liking of Pondskater, Aquaholic crept up along the shore eventually finding some new breeze which had completely eluded Troikka stuck out in the middle and in time accustomed manner Tom took first place on corrected time. I don't have the times to hand but the order was Aquaholic, Tulla Mhor, Troikka in class 1 and Silverjack, Emma Louise and Pondskater in class 3.

 Troikka pictured in her last Serpent outing, seen after the finish
Having rounded Hun 1 most made off immediately for the marina where the crews of Sulaire and Black Pepper formed a reception committee and assisted with parking in the relatively tight environs amongst the much larger contingent from Fairlie Yacht Club.  Much later the Serpents, most armed with their bus pass proceeded out to take the bus into to Rothesay where the Victoria Hotel provided a wholesome meal.

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