Croabh Muster

The barbecue on the Saturday night was well attended with 40 guests. The food provision and cooking was highly organised in the experienced hands of Marcusand Jackie Stone who worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone was well cateredfor. Many thanks to them and all who helped make the evening the success it was, including DJ Stewart Toy who provided the music for dancing and Steve Pickles who donated a crate of wine. Thanks also to the Craobh marina staff for
making the club so welcome once again.
 Sunday was a delightfully sunny morning and thankfully a light but useable breeze developed allowing Tom to set that most unusual of course namely and anticlockwise one. This permitted a good beat towards the islands before turning southwards west of Shuna. Given the shallow water in the starting area there was quite a busy procession toward the Committee boat end of the start line resulting in one memorable very near miss but thankfully the only things shattered were nerves. 
 Tradition got the better of Martyn who proceeded in the time honoured clockwise fashion and saw no need to change when the error became apparent. Ithas been calculated that had his clockwise time been allowed he would have won on handicap but here at least we must follow the rules.  Congratulations to Tom Hutchinson in the near unbeatable Aquaholic who hauled the committee boat anchor and followed the other competitors to a convincing win on corrected time  

 The round Shuna race results were as follows :-
Corrected time
1st AQUAHOLIC 1hr 26 mins
2nd TROKKA 1hr 28 mins
3rd KATYA 1hr 32 mins
4th EXODY 1hr 39 mins (16 secs)
5th PONDSKATER 1hr 39 mins (46 secs
6th SHENAVAL 1hr 40 mins
7th SILVERJACK 1hr 41 mins


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