Frostbite Race

Jack Frost was definitely not in contention for this the last race of the season for the Serpents.
A fine mixture of conditions was to prevail throughout the race with the only condition not experienced being snow.

Seven yachts lined up for an exciting start with Katya as the committee boat.

Camus Bosta considering tactics
Pondskater whipping the crew into performance mode

There was the odd shout of 'starboard' as Solus approached the line on port, but no other incidents reported.
Solus making life more interesting

Whilst gusting 24 knots in the main channel, the shelter of the Largs Channel gave a false sense of calm and any reefs were shaken out as the fleet headed through the Tan to complete a figure of eight course leaving Little Cumbrae to port.
Full steam ahead

All was comfortable until the full force of the wind hit the fleet as they progressed down the west side of Little Cumbrae. At this point, I believe, questions were being asked on a few yachts as to who's idea was it to shake out the reefs. A few classic broaches ensued providing classic entertainment for others.

Tom in Aquaholic took an early lead and whilst claiming he was sailing with a badly ripped main this did not prevent him from leading the fleet to the finish line. Thanks goes to Tom for then acting as finish boat and taking times. Results to follow.
Stewart Toy

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