Autumn Muster 2022


Our Autumn Muster to Rothesay in September involved five yachts racing and 16 members and friends participating. The Saturday race was from Kip to Rothesay via Hun 1, CPA Buoy B and Toward Bank buoy to the finish at the Ardyne buoy.  Lollypop and Silverjack were closely matched on the reach from Kip to Cumbrae but separated after that as Lollypop chose the Cowal shore.  Exody missed one of the marks but that did not help her placing with Tulla Mhor and Katya far ahead.  The day proved to be unsettled and overcast with a good breeze becoming quite gusty at times. Thanks to Stuart Toy for agreeing to be Race officer and start  boat.

The race was fairly brisk with the wind occasionally providing testing conditions and producing some unforced errors and several changes of position. Everyone persevered without reefing and it proved to be a fun outing with minimal rain. Following the race and the customary on board socialising, we all enjoyed a hearty meal at the Victoria Hotel in Rothesay.


The results on corrected time (minutes) were 

:-Class one Katya 131.37,   Tulla Mhor 134.18,      Exody DNF

 Class two Lollypop  - 153.40,     Silverjack - 158.09

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