Spring Muster

The Serpent season begins as usual with the Spring Muster. This year those racing to the muster will find the start in Rothesay Bay off the Isle of Bute sailing club at 10am. Hopefully Troikka will be on station as committee vessel.  The course may be either anticlockwise through the Kyles or clockwise around Garroch head but either way the Rothesay start should allow a little more time for socialising in Tarbert.  Those merely cruising can make their own choice.
As in previous years there will be a 'pontoon party' probably around a gazebo somewhere up near where the toilets used to be. Additionally we will be able to  experience the new shower and toilet block. However before that it will be necessary to make our way around to the Starfish Restaurant where the usual style of repast will be provided and the race results announced. 
Next morning, conditions permitting, there will be the Ladies Race, also assuming that a sufficient number of that gender have been coerced into taking the helm.  The weather is expected to be brilliant. 

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