Serpents in the Buff

The Serpent Yacht Club marketing juggernaut has come up with an unmissable opportunity.  Catherine Toy has organised the manufacture of bespoke club Buffs.  What is a buff?  Well the photo below shows Catherine modelling one.

Buffs are an immensely versatile addition to the unisex outdoor wardrobe. Essentially they are tubes of stretchy fabric and can be used as a scarf - as modelled by Catherine -to stop spray going down your neck. They can be worn as a kind of balaclava or other headwarmer variant (great under ski or cycle helmets and have a use in midge protection too).  There are also numerous other possibilities including the jihadist look as modelled below by David Toy.

The Club buff is very attractive in navy blue and dotted with the Serpent logo.  Every club member should have one even just for walking the dog. They are available from the club at £14 collected directly at a club function or £15 to include postage.  Much more useful than a  boring old tie although those can be supplied also.

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