Portavadie Weekend & Ladies Race

Reports are not yet in on how the Pursuit Race from Kip to Portavadie went but Seamus and Stewart have provided, respectively, photos and an account of the Ladies Race which was fought with the usual intensity, tenacity and perseverance that we all associate with the Serpent lady members.

 Stewart Toy writes: The Ladies Race was a very exciting affair, flirting with the wind (or lack of it). On numerous occasions we contemplated taking the plug out the bottom of our most loved possession. When OOTB decided to move she seemed to prefer going north bringing Ardrishaig onto the horizon. For two hours suicide was just off the menu. Exody started the realisation that there was life after Portavadie. With a long hike home Marion graciously retired. On offering Jane the opportunity of sanity (abandon the race) she declined only because Camus Bosta was the only boat pointing in the right direction. But no--the idea of removing oneself from the dreich weather prevailed and Jane succumbed to the possibility of a hot bath--not in Loch Fyne--and retired. 
That left Kelpie and ourselves. Nail biting stuff. But hey-ho Kelpie had flown off to mid channel and, yes, there was --what was the word--- yes--wind--just a wee bit--but enough to point her in the right direction of the finish line.
On realising the outcome we graciously retired (not that we had a hope in hell of catching  Audrey) and headed off to be on station at the finish line at 90 degrees to Skeg Mor (long, long race). So with a toot on our hooter Audrey, deservedly, took line honours and won the Ladies Race 2011."

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